Maximising contact is the key to carbon filters, here at Rosedale Products our designs have been leading the industry for many years both in flow and capability. Rosedale Products originally offered Granular Activated Carbon for high volume process filtration way back when we developed our Sorbent Baskets  from here, we have continued to develop our range to provide the largest selection and capability on the market today.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), or Carbon Block as they are also known, is a high purity, naturally occurring organic form of carbon. Its natural properties make it ideal for filtration use, it remains the most viable solution to remove odour and colour from liquid as well as to remove dissolved contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine.

Rosedale Products unique blend of GAC is made up of bituminous coal, coconut shell and various species of char-wood. The unique properties of each of these ingredients perform together to provide incredible surface area available for absorption, a single teaspoon of the mixture provides as much surface area as flat area the size of a football pitch.

As a contaminated fluid passes over the millions of pores, visible only under a powerful microscope, impurities are trapped within the pores in a process called absorption. The longer the liquid is exposed to the GAC the purer the resultant liquid becomes.

A major advantage using GAC over carbon impregnated paper filters, other than its superior performance, is that the GAC can be recycled making disposal much easier, or in the cases of larger systems onsite recycling means the product can be reactivated and reused in the customer’s process.

The Rosedale Products range of GAC Carbon filters extend from 10”x2.5” to 40”x6” individual cartridge.

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