A filter housing or filter vessel is a casing around a filter cartridge or bag in a liquid or gas stream. 

Rosedale filter housings come in many sizes and styles, and can serve as a filter bag housing, cartridge filter or basket strainer.  The filter vessels are opened without special tools, and the element is easily cleaned or replaced. 

custom single bag filter housings
Single Bag Filter Housings
Custom Single Bag Filter Housings
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Duplex (Housings, Filters, Baskets)
Convertible Housings
industrial basket strainer
Industrial Basket Strainer
multi bag filter housings
Multi Bag Filter Housings
liquid - solid separators
Liquid - Solid Separators
cartridge filter housings
Cartridge Filter Housings
Indicating Filter

Factors to Consider in Filter Housings

Because there are many sizes and styles of bag filter housings, selecting the best filter for your filtration system is important. In order to decide what kind of filter is suitable for your application, you need to know a few pieces of information. tall, silver cylindrical cannister

Some criteria to consider when choosing the correct filter vessel include:

  • Maximum pressure and temperature
  • Chemical and physical composition
  • Type of duty
  • What contaminants need removal
  • Maximum flow rate
  • Line size and type
  • Level of filtration required
  • Cost, response time, service life, and interval requirements

Each of these properties helps to narrow the filter that is ideal for your needs. Knowing the maximum pressure, temperature, and the chemical and physical composition of the sample, allows you to determine the material of the filter housing.

Filter Vessel Application Uses for Water, Wastewater, Liquids/Fluids and Gases

Knowing the type of duty will help you decide the ideal configuration for the housing. Rosedale Products’ filter housings are ideal for applications such as:

Liquid and Water Housings in Stainless Steel

  • Compatible for high-pressure and hot water applications. Its corrosion-resistance makes it Ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Also compatible with a wide range of fluids such as high-purity water for residential and industrial uses.


  • Low-cost choice for wastewater filtering. Ideal for small application systems.


  • Reliable and cost-efficient gas filtering.

Chemical fluid treatment

The amount of contaminants to be removed and the level of filtration required determine the proper pore size of the filter element. Selecting the best size requires balancing your mechanical requirements with what you’re willing to spend. If you need long service intervals, for example, you would need a larger filter. This would require buying a more expensive filter than the smallest size.

Properties of Bag Filter Housings

Rosedale Products offer many beneficial features, including: 

  • Single filter housing, multi-basket, cartridge, duplex and multiplex units available
  • Low pressure drops
  • Permanently piped housings
  • Sure-sealing covers, opened without special tools
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel (304 or 316), or all-plastic (polypropylene) construction
  • Large-area, heavy-duty baskets or cartridge internals
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable-height legs (single units) or low profile (multi units)
  • Differential pressure indicators (optional)
  • ASME code stamp available
  • Liquid displacers that minimize product loss during basket or bag removal (optional)
  • Dual stage straining/filtering (optional)

Single Bag or Basket Housings: We offer basket strainer and bag filter vessels in many models, sizes, and pressure ratings. These housings can also be complemented with accessories such as our differential indicators and liquid displacers.

Multi Bag or Basket Housings/Duplex: Our multi-basket strainers and multi-bag filter housings are available in many styles and offer many flow and contaminant-holding capabilities. All of our multi-basket models are also available as duplex filters.

Cartridge Housings: Cartridge filters are offered as standard, high flow cartridge, and jumbo element housings. They can accommodate 1 to 205 cartridges and can be supplied with an ASME code stamp.

Basket Strainers: Our fabricated basket strainers are available in standard designs and can also be custom manufactured to meet your specific filter requirements. Our standard basket strainers are built in accordance with ASME code.

Application Specific Housings: These filter housings are designed for specific applications. We offer fuel filter and oil filter housings, machine coolant filtration housings, sanitary filter housings, and more. We can work with you to find the specific housing you need for your application.

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