When to Replace an Industrial Filter Bag

Filter bags and bag filter systems are a straightforward and convenient way to remove contaminants or particulates from liquids and oils during industrial applications. However, for systems to function as designed, filter bags must be replaced to allow the system to continue performing at peak. Filter bags that are not properly maintained can damage systems,

Let’s Talk About Felt…

Felt filter materials are a staple core to the filtration industry, in fact Rosedale Products have the most encompassing offerings of felt solutions on the market with multiple permutations of felts but why is it used, where do they differ and what are they all for… Where Are Felt Filters Used? Felt is used in

Convertible Filter solution for Polymer manufacturing company

This convertible filtration unit has been supplied to an existing customer for the filtration of polymers. They were already so happy with how their Rosedale convertible filtration systems were working they decided to add more to increase production. The Polymer manufacturing company required a convertible solution due to the constantly changing product that’s’ being filtered.

Bespoke 316SS Portable Filtration Unit for Offshore HVAC use

This all stainless steel portable unit has been bespoke built to client specifications for working on HVAC appliances aboard floating platforms and large offshore vessels. Our customer chose to use a strainer filter bag with this 316 Stainless steel vessel to filter heating ventilation and cooling fluids. The filter bag chosen is a replaceable polyester

Machine Tool Coolant Filtration solutions

Increase Machine Tool efficiency and lifespan Machine tool process filter systems are designed for the low-pressure side of the coolant system applications. Removing the fine debris and/or emulsified oils found suspended in modern, synthetic, water-based machinery coolants at near microscopic size takes machinery care to a whole new level. These contaminants, approximately 1/2 the cross-sectional