Industrial filtration systems are designed to separate contamination and suspended particles from liquid streams. they allow liquid to pass through the membrane, removing the solids that are too large. Rosedale Products Europe supplies a range of industrial and sanitary systems for a variety of applications. Portable water filtration systems is  essential for process efficiency, lower maintenance and energy costs, and  ensure the product of service can be performed properly.

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Application Uses for Industrial Filtering Systems

Our industrial water filtration systems are ideal for applications requiring high-purity water. Ultra-pure water is essential for multiple industries including medical, semi-conductor manufacturing, solar paneling and more. Application uses for our industrial filtering systems include:

  • Water Filtration
  • Wastewater Filtration
  • Portable Coolant Filtration
  • Continuous Filtration with Automatic Backwashing
  • Liquid Filter with Manual Backwash Filtering
  • Solid/Liquid Separation Filtering
  • Continuous Liquid Filtration & Straining
  • Multiplex Filtering
  • Portable Liquid Filtration

Benefits of Liquid Filtration Systems

Filtration is used in almost all industrial applications because its benefits make it an integral part of industrial processes. Not only can industrial filtration make manufacturing easier, it can also be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Some advantages of portable filtering systems include:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Liquid filtration removes hazardous particles and contaminants, keeping equipment safe and allowing it to function properly. This reduces the amount of time equipment will need to be down for maintenance as well as the number of repairs that will be required.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Industrial water filtration recycles wastewater, saving money on energy and water costs.
  • Eliminates Water Shortage Risks: Recycling water leads to greater water security, allowing for better process efficiency, even in places prone to drought or water shortages.
  • Promotes Sustainable and Innovative Opportunities: Industrial water filtration solutions allows manufacturers to pursue processes that are cheaper and more sustainable for both the company and the planet. Consumers are more concerned about the environment than ever before, and filtration systems promote environmentally safe processes.

Types of Industrial Filtering Systems

Bag Filter Filtration

Bag filters provide a simple and effective way to remove contaminants. The system consists of a housing, a perforated basket to support the filter bag, and the bag itself. Fluid flows into the housing and through the bag. The dirt is caught inside of the bag making it easy to service. Bag filters are available in a variety of sizes with micron ratings from 1200 to 1. They are sold in single or multi-bag basket housings.

Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filters are generally used when finer filtration is required. Filter cartridges provide high surface area for longer life. Like bag filters, they are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for many applications. Filtration levels to 0.5 microns are offered.

Basket Strainers

Basket strainers protect critical components from large debris in fluid streams. Similar to bag filters, they are comprised of a housing and a perforated or wire mesh lined basket. The solids are caught in the perforated basket. Baskets strainers are offered in sizes from 1” -20” diameter pipe sizes.

Separator Filtration Systems

Separator systems have no filter media, screens, baffles, or moving parts. The internal centrifugal action causes the heavier solids to drop out and collect in a sump. No maintenance is required except to periodically open the purge valves and flush out solids.

Portable Cart Filtration Systems

Portable carts are compact, self-contained and easy to move. They provide versatile, reliable filtration for a wide range of industrial applications.

Coolant Filtration Systems

These portable filtration systems are necessary to remove contaminants from coolants. Keeping coolant clean provides many benefits including increased production, lower coolant costs, and longer tool life.
Rosedale Products also offers:

  • Indicating Filtration Systems
  • Dual Usage Bag and Cartridge Filters
  • Sorbent Containment Systems

Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Industrial Filtration System

Before purchasing a liquid filtration system, there are criteria that you need to answer to provide the right filtration system for your application. Before three large metallic canister filtration systems purchasing, consider:

Quality of Filtration Required: Depending on your application, you will need a treatment solution. Before purchasing an industrial filtration system, perform a fluid study to identify what kinds of particle contamination you need to remove. It’s important to know the size of the particles and whether they are hazardous.

Conditions of Filtration: It’s important to make sure your filtration system will perform in the environmental conditions that you need. This means understanding the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of your application.

Waste Disposal Costs: Knowing how often your cartridges or bags need to be replaced and the amount of waste that is produced can help you choose a filtration system in your budget and potentially lower your waste disposal costs.

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