We can build anything from basic modifications on standard housings to customer specified skid-mounted filtration systems. These can incorporate custom filters, tanks, strainers, separators, controllers, sensors, and automated operations, even portable filtration systems – the options are numerous!

Rosedale has a long history of innovative custom filtration designs. They are as simple as a single bag filter housing or as complex as our multi-station Automatic Backwashing Filtration Systems. Using our expertise, we work with our clients to manufacture systems that meet their needs. Some of our current standard models started out as solutions to a client’s need, such as the duplex and multiplex filters or convertible housings. We design housings on a daily basis, and we’re ready to meet your needs. We’ve developed systems that meet the demands of the metalworking industry, environmental water reclamation industry, and solids recovery processes.

In this section, you’ll see several examples of custom filters and filtration systems that show what we’ve already done, and what we can do for you. These systems incorporate any number of filtration solutions, including tanks, basket strainers, bag filters, cartridge filters, solids/liquids separators, single layer bags, multilayer bags, bag sized cartridges, wound cartridges, membrane cartridges, stainless steel cartridges, “smart” controls, differential pressure sensors, pumps and motors, controllers, skid or cart mounting portable filtration systems, pit mounting, gangways for access, and any number of application specific components, such as oxygen concentrators, heated jacketing and internal coatings to name a few.

We also take your specific flow requirements into account, ensuring that the system we design will not restrict your process. For more information, contact Rosedale to get started today.