Standard Perforated Bag Support Basket

Replacement support baskets are available for all models in perforations of standard 9/64″.

Also supplied for:

  • Filter Specialists Inc
  • American Felt & Filter
  • GAF
  • Strainright
  • Ronningen-Petter
  • Cuno
  • Commerical Filters
  • Oakland
  • Plenty

Mesh Lined Outer / Bag Support Baskets

Stainless steel, wire cloth mesh lined filter baskets can be used with filter bags or in conjunction with inner baskets. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction and in a variety of micron ratings from 2 – 1000.

  • Welded construction for long life
  • Cleanable
  • Custom applications available

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Mesh Lined Inner / Bag Support Baskets

The Model 8 and any of our multi-basket or multi-bag units can be fitted with smaller, inner filter basket strainers or bag filters to achieve two-stage cleaning action in one filter vessel. Our basket within a basket option offers several degrees of filtration for pre-filtering or straining. Inner filter baskets and bags are offered in the same construction materials and ratings as those of the primary outer baskets. Mesh lined baskets can be used with a filter bag for added protection.

Strainer Baskets

Stainless steel, wire cloth mesh lined strainer baskets can be used instead of filter bags. Strainer baskets seal into the housings to prevent through pass. They are fitted with ergonomic handles to assist with their removal. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction, for all Rosedale vessel sizes and in a variety of micron ratings from 2 – 1000. With perforated support available in 1/4″, 3/16″, 9/64″ or 1/16″ ensuring up to 51% open area supplied. 

Wedge Wire Baskets

The most durable of all medias, strictly limited to 25 micron spacings. Wedge Wire is particularly suited for critical low maintenance applications. As a result of their construction they are frequently used when manual or backwash cleaning is necessary but may damage other types of media.  

Download PDF (Manual)

Coned Baskets

The Coned or XTND basket are valuable when a large filtration area is needed in a small space. They are available either mesh lined or for use with XTND bags. Widely used for filtration of high density solid particles in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  

Converter Basket

Bag filters can be quickly adapted to hold cartridge media. Our converter baskets hold 1, 3 or 5 cartridges and install inside a standard bag filter housing. 

Hold Down Spring

316 Stainless Steel spring fabricated to suit bag and basket application in all Rosedale vessel sizes. 

Prevent floating and therefore through pass of light weight medias with buoyant tendencies.