Bespoke 316SS Portable Filtration Unit for Offshore HVAC use

This all stainless steel portable unit has been bespoke built to client specifications for working on HVAC appliances aboard floating platforms and large offshore vessels.

Our customer chose to use a strainer filter bag with this 316 Stainless steel vessel to filter heating ventilation and cooling fluids. The filter bag chosen is a replaceable polyester (due to the temperature involved) needle felt filter bag strainer, from our range of RPE range of filter but many other filter media options are available for use with all our filter vessels.

The client’s brief was to make the unit to withstand 300psi (20bar) and easily transported across the platform or vessel as it moves offshore with minimal risk to the operator. Our design team took up the challenge taking design inspiration from existing equipment used in the industry we have created this tri-trolley frame which can solidly stand vertical for operation and be laid back onto its inbuilt support castor wheel to allow the 50kg unit to be effortlessly guided around the narrow corridors found onboard these vessels. We also used oversize anti-static wheels to ensure the unit safely and securely moves along mesh grid floors without creating a spark. Finally, the portable filtration unit can be guided by one hand when the other is required for a handrail. Making this an incredibly safe filtration unit to be used on offshore applications.

The client was amazed at the effectiveness of the design and an order was placed, today we are pleased to see it heading off to work.

Standard and bespoke Portable Filtration Units

This is not the first bespoke stainless steel portable filtration unit Rosedale have designed and manufactured. You can read more about the system that was developed for a Chemical Cleaning Company here. Also, if you’d like to learn more about our standard range of RDE Portable Cart filtration units click here and download our product PDF.  

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