Fresh filtered water for a very special flower

It’s always nice to know what your products help produce, we recently found out that unbeknown to us for the last few years one of Rosedale Products speciality filtration media has been helping with an amazing cause. It transpires one of our land source water customers every year to help the Royal British Legion by producing the petals and the leaves for the Remembrance Poppy Appeal.

A long-standing customer in an environmentally conscious manufacturing process draws surface water from the river, alongside their 150-year-old mill building to make specialist papers. The most special of which is manufactured during the early summer months to provide the iconic red poppy.

Rosedale was approached back in 2015 by the paper manufacturer to combat several issues they were having problems with along the manufacturing process and the subsequent discharge back into the river’s fragile ecosystem.

Working closely with the customers engineering team and production engineers along with the Environmental Agency, Rosedale Products produced a continuous flow solution to remove all traces of foreign contaminants on the inbound from the river that could spoil, speckle or mark the paper along with any pulp, dye residue or metallic traces introduced into the waste stream from the production process to be safe for release back into the river.

Both the customer and Environmental Agency cannot believe how well the system handles the requirements with further surprises all around when crayfish and fresh-water mussels were found living in the river helping to substantiate Rosedale Products claims that the water returning to the river is either “as clean, or cleaner, than when it left”

The customer’s next challenge, “We use more media when it rains as the river stirs up” – sorry this is England we can’t change the weather…

‘On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, we will remember them.’

Lest we forget.

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