Choosing your filter cartridge…

Navigating your way around the minefield that is filter cartridges needn’t be a stressful experience, you just need the right supplier to help. Determining the best supplier is crucial to ensure your needs are met as not all filters are the same.

Good customer service is an important part of choosing a supplier, your supplier should be responsive and work with you to understand which filter cartridge options best suit your needs, onus should be towards the type of liquid the filter is required to work with including any physical and chemical characteristics that the liquid may exhibit and the result you as the customer are looking to achieve.

A supplier with industry expertise who has a reliable knowledge of the products they sell is a key factor, Rosedale Products as a manufacturer and supplier for over 50 years offers a very strong experience and expertise in a wide range of industries and applications and frequently offers valuable insight and recommendation other less experienced suppliers miss or are unaware of. Where filtration products are concerned quality should be the ultimate deciding factor, a poor-quality filter cartridge is going to lead to poor performance by comparison. Here at Rosedale Products, we always build to a specification rather than to a price, our products are renowned for quality and therefore performance. We expose products to strict quality controls and testing procedures. We select only raw materials from trialed and tested sources meaning that we can rely on the products we manufacture to be the same quality time after time.

As a manufacturer we are uniquely placed to react to customer-specific requirements, custom sizes, custom materials, and designs can even be accommodated. Our standard range offers wider variety than any other single manufacturer on the market today and our options and upgrades are available without having to wait long lead times or order large volumes as we have the capacity to produce tens of thousands of filter cartridges per month, in all manner of materials. We don’t simply import from far east factories rebranding as our own, we are happy for customers with particularly stringent standards such as pharmaceutical or food industries to our manufacturing facilities here in the UK for inspections where required.