How to Choose Single vs Multi or Multiplex Bag Filter Housings

There are several factors that must be determined before deciding whether a single, multi, or multiplex bag filter housing unit is right for your industrial filtration application. Multi and Multiplex bag filter housing units are often utilized for larger projects, while single bag housings are ideal for small-scale applications that require filtration processes. No matter the size of your project there is a filter housing that is designed to suit your project needs.

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Single Bag Filter Housings

Single bag filter vessels utilize a solo fabric filter bag to remove dirt and debris in various sizes from the fluid that is pumped through the filtration system. Single bag basket strainers provide advanced filtration processes for numerous industrial water, coolant, and chemical fluid treatment applications. Industrial single bag housings provide enhanced filtration and are an economical option for projects with a wide range of sizes and flow rates.

Single bag filter housings are extremely economical and offer a less complex filter housing option. Single bag filter vessels can be used with many different types of bags, made from all kinds of materials.

Your specific application will ultimately dictate whether a single, multi bag or multiplex filter housing is right for your project.

Single Bag Housing Filter Advantages

Single bag filtration units from Rosedale Products are manufactured from premium materials and feature several fully customizable options that can be adjusted to your project needs. The following benefits are what separate our single bag housing filtration units from the competition:

  • High quality materials
  • Technologically advanced design concepts
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • Advanced engineering
  • World class customer service

Multi Bag Filter Housings

Multi bag filter vessels are designed to utilize multiple bags at a single time within the same housing so all bags are in flow simultaneously, allowing for increased dirt holding capacity for larger flow applications.

Multi Bag Filter Housing Advantages

Multi bag filtration housing units from Rosedale Products are manufactured from top quality materials and feature a broad range of fully customizable options that can be adjusted to your project needs. Rosedale’s multi bag housing filtration units offer the following beneficial features:

  • Multiple bag housing styles available (standard, quick access, low profile, hinged lid)
  • 2 -23 filter bags or strainer basket per housing
  • Permanently piped housings are opened without tools and without disturbing the piping
  • Machined cover gasket groove provides positive O-ring sealing
  • Carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel construction housings
  • Large-area, 30 inch deep, heavy-duty, perforated baskets
  • Easy to clean

Multiplex Filter Housings

Multiplex housings are hybrid solutions, which are more of a system. The Multiplex consists of several single (or even multi bag) vessels connected by parallel manifolds providing the flexibility of increasing, reducing, or completely shutting down capacity by turning on or off individual vessels for online maintenance without the need for a standby duplicate system. Benefits of a multiplex include:

  • Flexibility
  • Online maintenance
  • Expandable for future capacity increases
  • Manual or automatic control and actuation
  • Standardised spares and filter media
  • Carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel construction

Customised Filter Housings

Rosedale Products produces fully customized single and multi bag filter housings based on your project’s specific requirements. Our custom single basket filters are available in three different model options. Each model provides its own unique features based on your liquid filtration system’s specifications.

Please contact us with any questions you have on fully customized filter housing units.

Single & Multi Bag Filter Housing Material Options

At Rosedale Products, we offer all our filtration solutions in a variety of materials. Each material provides its own unique advantages, depending on your specific application requirements. We offer the following material options for our single, multi bag and multiplex filter housing units:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel