Machine Tool Coolant Filtration solutions

Increase Machine Tool efficiency and lifespan

Machine tool process filter systems are designed for the low-pressure side of the coolant system applications. Removing the fine debris and/or emulsified oils found suspended in modern, synthetic, water-based machinery coolants at near microscopic size takes machinery care to a whole new level. These contaminants, approximately 1/2 the cross-sectional diameter of a human hair, so small the human eye can’t always detect them act like a fine emery paste eroding and wearing the inner workings of your expensive machines, leading unnecessarily to premature failure and costly breakdowns. All easily avoided by a single, simple maintenance routine taking less than 20 minutes of machine stand time and no specialist personnel.

We have created several “off the peg” solutions which are retrofittable or shop portable to solve this age-old machine shop issue surrounding lubricants and coolants.

Our comprehensive range of medias can cover situations where the requirement is to remove heavy physical loading (such as grinding machines) through to more specialist needs for separating of dispersed or emulsified contaminants, such as slideway oil.

Rosedale currently offers 2 levels of Oil Absorbency filtration immediately compatible with our standard coolant filtration offerings; OA for trace to light and OS for light to moderate oil contamination. Moderate to heavy oil contamination solutions coming soon. 

Key Features

• Swarf and physical contaminant removal
• Slideway oil removal
• Increased coolant cleanliness & lifespan
• Improved operator environment
• Retrofittable or shop portable options available
• Extended tooling life & increased performance
• Improved machined finishes
• Reduced machine down time
• No loss of coolant properties 


*Image of a Coolant Filtration Unit installed on a Hass machining center.

Coolant Filtration Benefits

• Extends coolant life
• Decreases wear on machine tooling
• Improves component finish
• Protects your machinery 


*Image of a large Coolant Filtration unit installed on a grinding machine.


To learn more about system integration and recommended clarity levels of filtered coolant – download our datasheet.

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