Stainless Steel Portable Filtration upgrade for Chemical Cleaning Company

In last weeks blogs we looked the the new range of P8D Portable Filtration Systems. This week we’re going to look at a bespoke option we’ve recently manufactured. 

Our customer is a Chemical Cleaning Company who uses benzyl alcohol and glycolic acid to strip paint. They had an older Rosedale Portable System in use for almost 4 years with 6 day a week use, 9 hours a day. We offered them a part exchange against a new P8D Portable Filtration system and they sent us their old model back for recycling and disposal. Because of the chemicals used in the system, the housings smell of marzipan and we were impressed how well the system had performed in such a harsh environment. 

Out with the old

In with the new!

Our customer opted for a full Stainless Steel housing, pump and connections configuration and we can also offer other bespoke options for the system. 

Bespoke Portable Filtration Material Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Full Stainless Steel housing, pump and connections.

Stainless Steel housing , Aluminium pump and connections.

Carbon Steel Housing, Aluminium pump and connections.

You can also choose different types of media to use with the P8d Series.  For example you could use mesh strainer baskets instead of filter bag media, both can be seen on the video here.

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