Portable Filtration Systems provide versatile solutions

Versatile filtration where and when you need it

Our range of Rosedale portable filtration systems are designed, developed and assembled in the UK with high quality pumps and Rosedale filter housings. Our range of portable systems are one of the core products design specifically for the UK and Europe and are constantly finding new markets as a solution to many company’s requirements.

Compact and easily handled the portable range is ideal for external working when combined with the onboard air pump option. Meaning no site power is required! Just an air supply, which is often found on or in works vehicles. All the portable Fitted as standard with quick disconnecting hose ports and a variety of hose material and length options available, up to maximum length of 6M overall run on P8 models, for most liquid applications.


Our portable filtration systems are ideal for where the need arises to transfer a liquid between two containers, to/from machinery, even just to clean out a tank or sump. The Rosedale portable filter systems can be configured to be used with most pumpable liquids, in most environments. Two standard industrial and Food grade designs are available with various options making them suitable for many types of applications;

• Acid tank cleaning
• Machine sump cleaning
• Fuel transfer and cleaning
• Hydraulic oil transfer
• Oil contamination removal
• Food and beverage filtration

Key Features

• Quick opening covers requiring no special tools
• 1” hoses on both options
• Carbon or stainless-steel housings
• 10 BAR (150psi) housings
• Built in drip pan
• 10” solid oil/acid resistant tyres
• Nitrile seals as standard
• Adaptable design
• Fully supported with spare parts
• Hundreds of filter media options available

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