When to Replace an Industrial Filter Bag

Filter bags and bag filter systems are a straightforward and convenient way to remove contaminants or particulates from liquids and oils during industrial applications. However, for systems to function as designed, filter bags must be replaced to allow the system to continue performing at peak. Filter bags that are not properly maintained can damage systems, slow production efficiency, and create costly clogs.

Rosedale Products is a leader in bag filter systems and other industrial filtration solutions. We are here to help you learn about when to replace your filter bags, outline considerations for selecting a new filter bag, and inform you about other aspects of bag filter system maintenance.

How Long Do Filter Bags Last?

While this is one of the most asked questions, in truth there is no straightforward answer to how long your filter bag will last. Influences such as system requirements, materials and liquids filtered, degree of filtration and dirt load, will all impact your filter bag’s lifespan.

Because of this variable lifespan, it is essential to pay attention to your filter bag’s performance so you can replace it promptly when it no longer works as designed.

Signs Your Filter Bag Should Be Replaced

The main indication that you should replace your filter bag is increased pressure differential. Filter bags become clogged throughout use, making it more difficult for liquid to pass through the system. It is important to monitor the pressure drop across your filter housing. Filters are usually sized so that the clean pressure drop is 2-3 PSID (0.13-0.2bar). Bag filters are considered dirty and in need of changing when the pressure differential reaches 15 psid (1bar). This value can vary depending on the degree of filtration, viscosity, and the individual system’s operation.

Monitor your bag filter system for differential pressure and change your filter bag as necessary, Rosedale Products produce and supply a range of built-in indicator filters, colour indicating differential pressure gauges and digital remote monitoring systems to make the the monitoring process even more obvious even at a glance.

 Once the new filter bag is in place, you can continue your filtration application as planned.

Considerations for Choosing a Replacement Filter Bag

There is no one answer to which filter bag is best for your bag filtration system. From budget to housings, many elements influence which replacement filter bag is required for your industrial application. Some considerations include:

  • The type and size of particulates or solid material to be removed from the liquid or oil
  • Bag material
  • Flow rate, pressure, temperature, and other process conditions
  • Filter housings
  • Required filter bag micron levels

And many others!

Once you have considered all the elements of your bag filtration system, Rosedale Products is here to help. Our product capabilities allow you to select your desired material, size micron, and other factors to find the bag filter best suited to your system.

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