How do I filter this?

Our customers often ask us how to filter a type of media. Either to produce an end product or to treat the waste product.

We need to know as much information as possible about your application to offer the best advice on correct filter housing and bag/ basket types.

We encourage you to fill in a ‘Application Worksheet’ form which can be found on page V of our catalogue here. Or use it as a guide when sending through your enquiry here.

Knowing the liquid type, flow rate (gpm) and viscosity (cps) will help us to start the process of finding the best liquid filtration solution for your system.

As a general rule of thumb these Model numbers are suitable for these flow rates:

4 – 615
4 -1225
6 – 1225
6 – 1850
6 – 3075
8 – 1550
8 – 30100

But this is just a guide and there are many more options available including material type and duplex systems that will be important to factor in when choosing a liquid filtration system.

We have decades of experience and can offer full technical and installation support so get in touch to find the best liquid filtration solution for your system.

Our filtration products are widely used for the reduction of sediment and particles from all manner of industrial liquid streams.

Customers choose Rosedale for the robust industry leading low maintenance designs, unrivalled flow capabilities, product quality and guaranteed parts availability, it’s these core product values that have seen Rosedale Products be the industry trend setter trusted by the world’s largest names for over 70 years.

We provide what we understand to be the largest and most encompassing range of industrial filtration equipment currently on the market today, specialising in designs other manufacturers can’t provide, we manufacture and supply so much more than just the filtration basics, but let us start there.

How to select a filter:

To select a filter first you need to know the answers to the following questions;

  • What do I need to remove
  • How much do I need to remove
  • How fast do I need to remove it
  • What compatibility issues do I face

Once we can answer these questions, we can start looking at options…

An Industrial favourite, Strainer/Bag Filters – Rosedale Products offers more industrial strainer filter sizes than any other manufacturer. We do not however make things awkward, where possible our vessels are designed to accept industry recognised standard sizes so if your caught short filter media can be borrowed from other manufacturers. Recognised as the backbone of the filtration industry strainer filters make ideal prefilters for more expensive and specialist filtration or are ideal where a course filtration is sufficient. Rosedale Products unique design features also allow our strainer filter vessels to be used not only as single stage but also as an integral two stage filtration system, a design unique to the Rosedale Products vessels intended to extend the operational periods between routine maintenance by increasing the filtration area by over 90%.

Our strainer vessels are available up to 34 Bar [500psi] and can handle flows up to 900m3/h with unrivalled pressure drop characteristics. Our matching baskets and filter bags are available from 0.5 up to 6350 µm and provided in a range of efficiencies, production styles, seals, and materials to suit the compatibility and user requirement.

Need more accuracy or to target dissolved contaminants then Cartridge filters are your friend, Rosedale Products encompassing range of cartridge filter vessels are going to fulfil your requirements. Offering flow characteristics thanks to clever design traits allow us equivalent flow to our strainer range we can process up to 900M3/h through our cartridge filter vessels also whilst offering up to 45kg (100lb) of holding capacity in each of our industry leading Platinum 900 cartridges. Whilst our range of membrane filters offer sterile specification filtration for those that require sanitary output.

Our cartridges are also available not only for particulate collection but also for the removal of oils and hydrocarbons, dissolved metals (inc. copper & lead), chemical residues and many other compound contaminants from water streams.

What about specialist requirements?

Special applications are our speciality, here at Rosedale Products we combine all 70+ years of knowledge and design to increase our market versatility and ensure we are best placed to help with those difficult and specialist requests.

Our Sorbent Baskets allow us to create inline specialist cartridge filters such as high-volume carbon, sand, zeolite and many other specialist resins, a technique and versatility unique to Rosedale Products.

Our range is designed to handle even the harshest of demands, encompassing automatic change over systems, automatic cleaning options, vibration assistance.

Where just an off the shelf products doesn’t meet the bill, we offer custom design and build of systems, often incorporating several of our range of products together to bring you the customer the one-piece solution.

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