How do I filter this?

Our customers often ask us how to filter a type of media. Either to produce an end product or to treat the waste product.

We need to know as much information as possible about your application to offer the best advice on correct filter housing and bag/ basket types.

We encourage you to fill in a ‘Application Worksheet’ form which can be found on page V of our catalogue here. Or use it as a guide when sending through your enquiry here.

Knowing the liquid type, flow rate (gpm) and viscosity (cps) will help us to start the process of finding the best liquid filtration solution for your system.

As a general rule of thumb these Model numbers are suitable for these flow rates:

4 – 615
4 -1225
6 – 1225
6 – 1850
6 – 3075
8 – 1550
8 – 30100

But this is just a guide and there are many more options available including material type and duplex systems that will be important to factor in when choosing a liquid filtration system.

We have decades of experience and can offer full technical and installation support so get in touch to find the best liquid filtration solution for your system.

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